feni fina drops her latest track ‘get better’, stay tuned for the music video.

    In 2020, Feni Fina released her debut single “Rukna Nahi,” a powerful track that showcased her raw talent and showcased her ability to deliver emotive and captivating performances. Produced in Canada, “Rukna Nahi” served as an introduction to Feni Fina’s unique musical style and set the stage for her artistic journey. Continuing her musical evolution, Feni Fina’s latest track, “Get […]


Yung Fly AKA Bboy Flying Machine tells us the story behind his track ‘Do Chaar’


Manny Wave 

Manny Wave is an emerging artist who has been making waves in the music industry with his unique sound and captivating performances. Manny has been steadily gaining recognition for his infectious tracks and smooth lyrical flow. In 2020, Manny Wave released the standout single “Lil Bae,” which quickly gained traction and showcased his ability to…

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Hruday is an Indian artist who has been captivating listeners with his music since his first track, “Luck Mere Saath,” released in 2020. From the beginning, it was evident that Hruday was determined to carve his own unique path in the music industry. His musical journey has been marked by constant experimentation with different sounds…

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MC Nikhil

Mumbai-Bandra based rapper MC NIKHIL links up with American rapper Skinnyfromthe9 on MC Nikhil’s new single ‘Run It Up’ the first rollout song from his upcoming album ‘Rockstar Never Dies’. However, what got our attention was the number of international collaborations he has had over the years with artists like Meechie stacks, Fame Faiella, and…

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